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ACES Racing Co.

What is ACES Racing Co.?

Above all it's family. What started as a way to promote our racing core has grown to be much more. Our race promotion has one goal - to give back some of what we have enjoyed from the past years to the next. Well, that and to have fun!


2020 Events:
At the Wausau 525:  AMA D-16 Oval & TT - August 1st/2nd.  (postponed from the original May dates)  $500/win in the Top Quad Class each day Sponsored by B&B Powersports/Dyno Services.  $200/win 450-AA & Open-AA Motorcycle Saturday oval.  FULL D-16 CLASS SCHEDULE-all Points Classes will be running both days.
Race results for Saturday // for the Sunday TT

August~OH! Fest/D-16 Points (Limited Classes)/HOOLIGANS! at the Wausau 525 - Sunday TT (Limited Classes) August 29/30.
Race results for Saturday // for the Sunday TT

Mailing Address

ACES Racing Co.
6120 Birchwood Lane                     
Weston, WI. 54476                    


Phone Updates: (715) 212-6340 

Wausau 525
Rib Mountainriders M/C 
AMA District 16
American Motorcyclist Association 

Facebook Event Links 
ACES Oval at the 525 July 4
ACES TT at the 525 July 5

Please note these events are AMA/D-16 sanctioned points events.  AMA & District 16 daily and yearly memberships available on site.

NEXT EVENT:  AMA District 16 Flat Track/TT at the Wausau 525