Welcome to the CWIRA Archive

2019 marked a change in the administration of the CWIRA and aspects of how it is presented, both on Social Media and the Internet in general.  Right off I want to stress that this (what you are reading now) is an independent project/posting and is not affiliated with or sanctioned by the CWIRA.  That said, I have in my files a lot of photos and results data from over the past decade when I handled those responsibilities.  I feel strongly about the historical nature of this information and that sitting on my computer for the rest of eternity would be the wrong way to deal with it.  Therefore I will post the relevant stuff here for your entertainment and reference.  I ask that you be patient as I will be adding links as they are finished and this project requires that I reformat many old web pages.  Web space for all of this is courtesy www.acesracingco.com.

One last thing.  The past decade or so that I have served the CWIRA has been one of the best experiences of my life.  I am grateful for having had that opportunity.  The CWIRA is - bar none - one of the finest racing organizations you will find anywhere.  I have little doubt it will continue to be that way in the future.  Godspeed my friends.


Current Central Wisconsin Ice Racing Association information is found at www.cwira.com and at Facebook/centralwisconsinice


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